Farm Lights

This is the third in a four-part series exploring the seasonal sections of my forthcoming haiku collection The Deep End of the Sky.

“Farm Lights” is the title of the autumn section of The Deep End of the Sky, my forthcoming collection of haiku from Turtle Light Press. “Farm Lights” contains 11 haiku and takes the reader into the work of harvest and chores before the onset of winter.

apple scent . . .
flecks of harvest dust
float in the wine

farm lights
halo the horizon
autumn dusk

“Farm Lights” also includes haiku about hunting. The opening of pheasant season in October in South Dakota is a huge attraction for hunters of all kinds from all over the world.

pink sky
a pheasant falls through
the gunshot’s echo

sunset clouds
the decoy’s touch-ups
in a different hue

This section also boasts the inclusion of one of my most recognized haiku:

migrating geese—
the things we thought we needed
darken the garage

Some of this haiku’s awards and honors include The Heron’s Nest Award, a Touchstone Award for Individual Haiku from The Haiku Foundation, and inclusion in Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years (W.W. Norton, 2013).

As in previous sections, there are a few haiku about family but not as many. There is one that I would like to end with that was not part of the original manuscript, but was later added in place of another haiku.

trail of leaves
the child’s plastic rake
missing teeth

If you have enjoyed the haiku in this post, and in my previous posts “The Tractor’s Radio” and “Rows of Corn”, then you should think about getting a copy of my forthcoming collection The Deep End of the Sky. You can pre-order it from Turtle Light Press for $12.50 with free shipping in the US. It is scheduled for release in late spring/summer 2015.


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