Acceptances and Book Release Info

I heard from Francine Banwarth and Michelle Root-Bernstein, the editor and assistant editor of  Frogpond, who have accepted two haiku of mine for the spring/summer issue 38.2. One of the haiku they accepted I had originally submitted to The Heron’s Nest, but it ultimately wasn’t chosen. However, THN associate editor Fay Aoyagi suggested a new third line. This revised version is the one that will now appear in Frogpond. Many thanks to Francine, Michelle and Fay!

As for book news, things are really heating up. Rick Black over at Turtle Light Press is working overtime to have The Deep End of the Sky available sometime close to mid-May. The wait is nearly over!

First Look: The Deep End of the Sky

I’ve been watching the mail for a package from Turtle Light Press containing the second proof of my forthcoming, contest-winning collection of haiku The Deep End of the Sky, and I was excited to find it in my mailbox yesterday. Aside from getting a peak at a few of the images for the book’s interior, this is my first look at the layout, design, and even the cover. Crazy as it sounds, I didn’t rip it open right there at the mailbox. Instead I set it on the end table next to the couch and left it there until about 8:00 last night when I decided to open the envelope.

I looked at the cover, flipped to the back cover, paged through it, and just held it. I took it all in, from cover to cover, considering the haiku with the images. An ISBN. I am the author of a book with an ISBN. Rick Black, bookmaker extraordinaire at Turtle Light Press, has really outdone himself. He has given every aspect of this collection careful consideration. The layout is clean, and each haiku is given plenty of room to breathe. The interior images, one at the end of each of the four sections, are well-chosen and compliment the poems nicely. The cover image and design is what I imagined, and more. The cover photo is perfect, but what makes it “pop” for me is the color choice for the book’s title. It all works so well together. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the cover . . . yet. But, we are possibly looking at an official release date of around June 1st. This date could and may very well change. If it does, I will post it here on my blog and on Facebook.

Now that I’ve had an entire day to look at the book, read it, flip through it, consider it, and best yet, hold it and turn it over in my hands, I am convinced that Rick and I have done something very special here. The Deep End of the Sky is absolutely stunning, and I certainly believe that those who get a copy will feel the same.

This just got very real.

The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015

I am delighted to announce that Alan Summers has selected one of my entries to The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015 as Joint 1st Prize winner:

starry night
the Ferris wheel’s engine
softly idling

Chad Lee Robinson

Congrats to Jan Dobb who also won first prize, and to the other winners as well. Big thank you to Alan and Karen at With Words. Click on the link in this post to read the contest results at Area 17, the blog of Alan Summers.


It seems more of the work I submitted to The With Words Summer Haiku Competition 2015 received Highly Commended and Commended awards as well. Yeehaw!

Jackie Robinson Day

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made his Major League Baseball debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the color barrier in the Major Leagues since its segregation in 1889. To celebrate his life and legacy, Major League Baseball has designated April 15 as Jackie Robinson Day. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few of my best haiku about baseball. Enjoy.


a ball field’s lights
shining through the trees

Frogpond XXVII:3, Fall 2004


long summer day—
spoke by spoke the baseball card
loses its rattle

Acorn 14, Spring 2005


ball field at dusk:
a boy playing alone
pretends the crowd goes wild

Frogpond XXX:3, Fall 2007


autumn rain
a baseball card softens
in the bicycle spokes

The Heron’s Nest IX:4, December 2007


Jackie Robinson Day
the give
of my glove

The Heron’s Nest XIV:3, September 2012


batting cage nets
catching only
the dawn wind

tinywords 12.1, 24 October 2012


one out away from summer’s end

Mariposa #30, Spring/Summer 2013


all seven of the above haiku by Chad Lee Robinson


If you are interested in reading more haiku about baseball, I recommend picking up a copy of Baseball Haiku: The Best Haiku Ever Written about the Game (W.W. Norton, 2007), edited by Cor van den Heuvel and Nanae Tamura. The first two haiku above are included in that anthology. You can also head over to The Haiku Foundation to read Play Ball: Baseball Haiku by Cor van den Heuvel (Red Moon Press, 1999) as well as Past Time: Baseball Haiku, edited by Jim Kacian and Cor van den Heuvel (Red Moon Press, 1999) for free in the digital library.

The Deep End of the Sky: a bit of trivia

I love reading bits of trivia and interesting facts about books I enjoy. So I thought I’d post a few here in case anyone else likes to read these tidbits of information.

The oldest haiku included in my forthcoming collection The Deep End of the Sky was published in 2004 (and was probably written that year as well), and the most recent haiku in the book is a brand new one that will make its debut when the book is published (but it was written in November 2014). So the haiku in The Deep End of the Sky were composed over the course of 10 years.

Book News and Sampler

I heard from Rick Black at Turtle Light Press today with some exciting news: he has finished a handful of tweaks and adjustments based on the first proof of The Deep End of the Sky, and he has just ordered a second proof!

So with the publication of The Deep End of the Sky just around the corner, I thought it would be convenient to bring all of my previous posts exploring The Deep End of the Sky into one place for easy access and hopefully to peak your interest once more.

The Tractor’s Radio

Rows of Corn

Farm Lights

Home Early

The Deep End of the Sky was selected by Penny Harter as winner of the 2014 Turtle Light Press Haiku Chapbook Competition, and is scheduled to be published by Turtle Light Press this spring. The book can be pre-ordered from Turtle Light Press here. Shipping is free within the U.S.