First Look: The Deep End of the Sky

I’ve been watching the mail for a package from Turtle Light Press containing the second proof of my forthcoming, contest-winning collection of haiku The Deep End of the Sky, and I was excited to find it in my mailbox yesterday. Aside from getting a peak at a few of the images for the book’s interior, this is my first look at the layout, design, and even the cover. Crazy as it sounds, I didn’t rip it open right there at the mailbox. Instead I set it on the end table next to the couch and left it there until about 8:00 last night when I decided to open the envelope.

I looked at the cover, flipped to the back cover, paged through it, and just held it. I took it all in, from cover to cover, considering the haiku with the images. An ISBN. I am the author of a book with an ISBN. Rick Black, bookmaker extraordinaire at Turtle Light Press, has really outdone himself. He has given every aspect of this collection careful consideration. The layout is clean, and each haiku is given plenty of room to breathe. The interior images, one at the end of each of the four sections, are well-chosen and compliment the poems nicely. The cover image and design is what I imagined, and more. The cover photo is perfect, but what makes it “pop” for me is the color choice for the book’s title. It all works so well together. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the cover . . . yet. But, we are possibly looking at an official release date of around June 1st. This date could and may very well change. If it does, I will post it here on my blog and on Facebook.

Now that I’ve had an entire day to look at the book, read it, flip through it, consider it, and best yet, hold it and turn it over in my hands, I am convinced that Rick and I have done something very special here. The Deep End of the Sky is absolutely stunning, and I certainly believe that those who get a copy will feel the same.

This just got very real.


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