Ready for Business

Today I set up a table to sell copies of The Deep End of the Sky at Korner Grocery, my father’s store here in Pierre. Turtle Light Press provided me with flyers and posters that I had printed up. I also had printed two business cards: one promoting this blog, and the other promoting my previous chapbook Rope Marks. Here is what it looks like:

KG book table 2





I’m ready to send The Deep End of the Sky into the world.


2 thoughts on “Ready for Business

  1. Chad, I just read through The Deep End of the Sky and love your haiku. If the book contained no more than the first page I would have been happy. I love the prairie, its sky, and its meadowlarks. I wrote a haiku yesterday morning about meadowlarks:

    a flute-like song
    calls the prairie to spring —

    I trade a haiku each morning with a poet friend up in Montana and volunteer as a naturalist at the Plains Conservation Center, a prairie preserve at the easternmost edge of Metro Denver.

    Would love three more copies of The Deep End of the Sky to send to fellow haiku poets. Should I order them through you or from Rick Black at Turtle Light Press?

    Art Elser
    1730 Locust St
    Denver, CO


    • Hi Art! Thanks for commenting, and for buying a copy of my book! Thanks for your wonderful feedback about The Deep End of the Sky. I’m glad you liked it. As for ordering more copies, I will email you with some options. Kindly, Chad


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