An Anthology and a Review

I noticed another 5-star review on Amazon, so now there’s three of them! Many thanks to those who’ve picked up a copy of The Deep End of the Sky as well as to those who have written reviews or mentioned it somewhere. I very much appreciate any help in getting the word out about the book.

Haiku2015Cover-smallI received Haiku 2015 in the mail today, the newest anthology edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga, published by Modern Haiku Press. I have a haiku in it, and am humbled and grateful to be included. Scott and Lee are both fine haiku poets and editors. Their work should be in the library of any serious haiku poet. Haiku 2015 is a great addition to Haiku 2014 and Haiku 21, both of which are award-winning anthologies from the same editorial team.

the pill I’m told to swallow
has a name
like a remote moon

by Chad Lee Robinson, is/let September 18, 2014


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