Yellow Mounds

I spent this last weekend in the Black Hills with my wife and son and my in-laws. We drove through Badlands National Park, stopping in a number of locations to take photos. I didn’t bring our Nikon along, so my wife took photos with her cell phone.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to replace the header photo that comes with the Hemingway theme for this blog, and so I chose the one that now appears above. My wife took this photo of the Yellow Mounds near Dillon Pass. If you’ve never visited the Badlands (or the Black Hills), you should. Here is a panoramic also taken by my wife (click on the photo for a bigger version).

Badlands 2015



The Yellow Mounds is what I had in mind when I wrote this haiku:

sunrise clouds
red and yellow fossil soils
streak the Badlands

by Chad Lee Robinson, haiku originally published in muttering thunder, vol.1, November 2014

Photos by Kimberly Robinson. Used with permission.


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