Like the Pumpkins and More News

Over the weekend I heard from Scott Murphy of The Befuddled Press about a project he’s been working on called Like the Pumpkins. According to The Befuddled Press website, Like the Pumpkins is “a new artist book featuring eight haiku poets exploring the subject of death.” The book is supposed to be letterpress, one of the reasons why I submitted in the first place. I am honored to be one of the eight haiku poets, and can’t wait to receive my contributor copies.

Just tonight I heard from Fay Aoyagi, one of the associate editors of The Heron’s Nest, and I will have two new haiku in the December 2015 issue. It’s always an honor to be published in The Heron’s Nest, one of the best haiku journals around.

Many thanks to Scott Murphy, Fay Aoyagi and the rest of the editorial team at THN.

I am wondering where the results of the 2015 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational are. It’s been almost four months since the contest deadline, and I’m getting impatient . . .

UPDATE: Sounds like the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Contest will wrap up in the next couple weeks. Something to look forward to . . .


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