Recent Anthology Appearances

Three anthologies have appeared recently, starting with Like the Pumpkins from The Befuddled Press. This anthology includes eight haiku on the theme of death. Letterpress on handmade paper by Scott Murphy. Here’s my contribution:

I am earth again
rain moving through the bluestem

by Chad Lee Robinson (originally published in Acorn #30, Spring 2013)

NestFeathersThe other day I received a copy of Nest Feathers: Selected Haiku from the First 15 Years of The Heron’s Nest. This is definitely an anthology to own. Full color, glossy hardcover (no dust jacket) really makes the colors of the feathers pop. Reading through the selections (248 haiku from 145 poets) and it’s clear that this will be an anthology I’ll return to again and again. Most of the poets are represented by one or two haiku, and there are a fair amount of poets with three or four haiku each. But there are only three poets who are represented by five haiku: John Barlow, Peggy Willis Lyles, and me. The Heron’s Nest has published a number of my haiku that are among my very best, and I am truly honored and humbled to be included among such company. Here are two of my five in the anthology:

spring rain
the soft click of marbles
on the kitchen floor

by Chad Lee Robinson (The Heron’s Nest volume 7, number 4, 2005)

migrating geese—
the things we thought we needed
darken the garage

by Chad Lee Robinson (The Heron’s Nest volume 13, number 1, 2011)

Beyond the GraveAnd lastly, Robert Epstein has (finally!) released Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku (Middle Island Press). I just found it on today, so I don’t even have a copy yet, but it should have four brand new haiku that I wrote specifically for this anthology. Based on the preview on Amazon, this looks to be a great new anthology.


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