Review in Frogpond

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00006]I’d like to share a good portion of a new review of The Deep End of the Sky that appears in the Briefly Reviewed section of the latest issue of Frogpond 38:3, the journal of the Haiku Society of America. Associate Editor Michele Root-Bernstein says of The Deep End of the Sky:

“[…] Chad Lee Robinson’s third chapbook is a quiet, unassuming, and nearly perfect work of art.”

“Robinson’s articulation of the ‘suchness’ of spring, summer, autumn, and winter is so subtle and fresh, one feels drawn to the weather, the farmer’s work, the moss on gravestones as if for the first time. And yet, these seasonal rhythms do not take precedence in a collection that is about so much more: the equally sacred rhythms of daily life, shared community, and generational devotion to place—to the land, certainly, but to the heavens as well, for Robinson’s masterful articulation of the particular creates startling moments of penetrating consciousness […]”

“There is poetry here […] But most of all, there is a poet and a voice […]”

“I highly recommend this chapbook for its poetry, quiet and true.”

Thank you, Michele, for writing such a wonderful review of The Deep End of the Sky.

Information on how to join the Haiku Society of America, which includes a subscription to Frogpond, can be found here.


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