Review in Haiku Canada Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00006]Haiku Canada Review published a short but sweet review of The Deep End of the Sky in its October 2015 issue. Guy Simser has a number of good things to say about the book, such as:

“His refreshingly short and plain haiku have been carefully constructed with a minimal amount of affected input. It is not hard when reading them to want to scrape mud off your boots[.]”

“Chad’s book takes you through the traditional seasonal path starting in spring. Visually, the volume is book-ended by haiku relating to the prairie sky. The subject matter is pastoral, work sweat and tears, with suggestions of reverence.”

“This book is a keeper for those interested in heart of a man in the heart of his country.”

Guy Simser also has good things to say about Rick Black and Turtle Light Press as well as the Turtle Light Press Haiku Chapbook Competition.

Many thanks to Guy Simser and Haiku Canada Review for the good review, and to Rick Black for sharing the review with me.


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