Twelve Red Moons

Red Moon anthologiesRed Moon Press recently released galaxy of dust, the 20th volume in its celebrated and award-winning series of Red Moon anthologies which attempt to collect the best English-language haiku and related forms published each calendar year. I am fortunate enough to have work included in the last 12 consecutive editions, from tug of the current to galaxy of dust. Grateful thanks to Jim Kacian at Red Moon Press and the many editors who have worked hard on these anthologies. Here are some of my haiku that have appeared in the Red Moon anthologies:

first fireflies
the things I forgot
I knew

cherry blossoms
the weightlifter attempts
a personal best

shooting star
the span of her hand
across my chest

8 seconds . . .
the bull rider opens
a hand to the sky

each throw
the paperboy
swerves a little

horsetail clouds—
a biker shrinks
into the open miles

all haiku above by Chad Lee Robinson

The Heron’s Nest Readers’ Choice Awards

The Heron’s Nest announced today the results of their annual Readers’ Choice Awards as voted on by readers of the journal. This year’s awards cover poems published in The Heron’s Nest in 2015. I am pleased to say that the following haiku of mine, from the December 2015 issue, received enough votes to be in the top 20:

in a rush to reach stillness whitewater

In addition, the four poems I published in The Heron’s Nest during 2015 received enough votes to place my name among the year’s most popular poets.

Many thanks to the editors and the readers of The Heron’s Nest for valuing my work enough to publish and vote for it. Very humbling!

The Beauty of Winter

This week experience The Beauty of Winter through haiku on Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog. I’m delighted to have a haiku included, and it’s up today. Head on over to read my contribution as well as the contributions of others. Many thanks to Charlotte for including my work!

a slight shake of bells
as the harness comes off
night snow

haiku by Chad Lee Robinson, originally published in The Heron’s Nest XI:2, June 2009 and The Deep End of the Sky (Turtle Light Press, 2015)

An Old Baseball and a New Haiku

little league ball

I’ve had this baseball since my days in little league. It may be scarred, but it’s still got some game left. (Click on the pic to see the scars up close.)

Buy yourself some peanuts and crackerjacks! The newest issue of bottle rockets is hot off the press, and with it my latest baseball haiku:

dead of winter—
I scratch and sniff the grass stain
on a baseball

by Chad Lee Robinson, originally published in bottle rockets #34, 2016

Many thanks to bottle rockets editor Stanford M. Forrester for publishing my work!