The Haiku Calendar Competition 2016

Snapshot Press has announced the results of The Haiku Calendar Competition 2016, and I am pleased to report that one of my haiku is the winner for the month of May, and another one of my haiku is a Runner-up for the month of April. To read the full list of winners and runners-up, go here.

The contest received a whopping 1,115 entries, and with only 52 spots to fill The Haiku Calendar 2017, this made for some stiff competition. The quality of the haiku that appear in any edition of The Haiku Calendar is quite high. So high, in fact, that I usually only submit every other year because it takes me that long to write a submission’s worth of material of that caliber.

Many thanks to John Barlow for selecting my work for The Haiku Calendar 2017.

Here is my winning haiku for the month of May:


all you’ll ever need to know

about sunrise


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