Otata, and a Milestone

The release of Otata 4 today is in itself a reason to celebrate. To have eight haiku/senryu in the mix is even better yet, especially since it’s rare for me to have so many new poems appear at one time. But the publication of my work in Otata means a little bit more.

One of my goals every year is to publish in a journal I’ve never published in before. I do this for a number of reasons (like a new publication credit), but most importantly to try to enlarge the circle of my audience. Plus, it’s exciting to send work to an editor who’s never considered my work for publication before. Publication of my work in Otata fulfills that goal for this year.

And with the publication of eight poems in Otata today, I have achieved that milestone I mentioned a couple times in the past. As of today I have more than 400 published poems to my name. This includes haiku, senryu and tanka. I know, I know. It’s about quality, not quantity. Still, it’s a fun fact that puts a smile on my face.

Many thanks to John Martone for publishing my work. Here are a few of my poems from Otata. Head over to the journal using the link at the top of this post to read the rest.

prickly pear–
you wake up in
yesterday’s clothes

late tomatoes
the scarecrow slips deeper
into its waistline

clocks turned back in bed we curl up

haiku by Chad Lee Robinson, originally published in Otata 4, April 2016

New Work Set to Appear in Otata

I am pleased to announce that I will have a batch of brand new haiku in the next issue of Otata, an online journal of haiku and other small poems edited by the prolific John Martone. I will announce when the new issue goes live. Many thanks to John Martone for the acceptances. Stay tuned!

International Haiku Poetry Day

Today is International Haiku Poetry Day, and to celebrate I have participated in The Haiku Foundation’s Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration, the world’s largest collaborative poem. This year’s theme is foodcrop haiku, so I contributed this verse:

the Big Dipper–
rows of corn connect
farm to farm

Runner-up, Contemporary Category, HaikuNow! International Haiku Contest 2010 and The Deep End of the Sky (Turtle Light Press, 2015)

The following haiku of mine was shortlisted for a Touchstone Award for Individual Poems but didn’t ultimately win. I know how selective these awards are, so it’s an honor just to be shortlisted.

in a rush to reach stillness whitewater

The Heron’s Nest XVII:4, December 2015

And since the results of the Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards were announced today, that marks the end of my three-year term as a judge. The Haiku Foundation put its trust in me to use my knowledge of haiku and my experience as a haiku poet to choose the very best books, and for that I am grateful. I also had the opportunity to interact with a number of the best poets writing and thinking about haiku today, the best part of the whole process aside from reading lots of books.

If you’re interested in reading more of the haiku from the Earthrise Rolling Haiku Collaboration or watching haiku videos or reading the complete results of the Touchstone Awards, The Haiku Foundation has all you need to celebrate International Haiku Poetry Day here. Happy Haiku Poetry Day!

Haiku Selected for International Anthology

Eight of my haiku have been selected to appear in a new anthology of haiku from around the world. Kala Ramesh, Sanjuktaa Asopa and Shloka Shankar are the editors of naad anunaad: an anthology of contemporary international haiku. Many thanks to the editors for selecting my work.

Despite the fact that the haiku community in India is rapidly developing and expanding, haiku books are hard to come by in bookstores, schools and universities. Ordering them from other countries can be costly. And so the editors have assembled this anthology so that students and haiku enthusiasts in India have access to a book of high-quality haiku for appreciation and study. To those ends, I hope my selection of haiku is a valuable contribution.

The anthology is scheduled for release sometime in 2016.

Haiku Shortlisted for The Touchstone Awards

The committee for The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems has announced its shortlist for 2015, and I am excited to say that one of my haiku is on the list! The Touchstone Awards recognize excellence and innovation in English-language haiku and senryu. It is quite an honor, one that I don’t take lightly, to have a poem on the shortlist. Here is a link to read the announcement and all of the shortlisted poems. Many thanks to The Haiku Foundation and to the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems committee, and to the editorial team at The Heron’s Nest for publishing this poem.

in a rush to reach stillness whitewater

haiku by Chad Lee Robinson, originally published in The Heron’s Nest XVII:4, December 2015