Otata, and a Milestone

The release of Otata 4 today is in itself a reason to celebrate. To have eight haiku/senryu in the mix is even better yet, especially since it’s rare for me to have so many new poems appear at one time. But the publication of my work in Otata means a little bit more.

One of my goals every year is to publish in a journal I’ve never published in before. I do this for a number of reasons (like a new publication credit), but most importantly to try to enlarge the circle of my audience. Plus, it’s exciting to send work to an editor who’s never considered my work for publication before. Publication of my work in Otata fulfills that goal for this year.

And with the publication of eight poems in Otata today, I have achieved that milestone I mentioned a couple times in the past. As of today I have more than 400 published poems to my name. This includes haiku, senryu and tanka. I know, I know. It’s about quality, not quantity. Still, it’s a fun fact that puts a smile on my face.

Many thanks to John Martone for publishing my work. Here are a few of my poems from Otata. Head over to the journal using the link at the top of this post to read the rest.

prickly pear–
you wake up in
yesterday’s clothes

late tomatoes
the scarecrow slips deeper
into its waistline

clocks turned back in bed we curl up

haiku by Chad Lee Robinson, originally published in Otata 4, April 2016


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