Poem Featured in The Haiku Foundation’s re:Virals series

One of my haiku appears today in re:Virals (#53), a poem commentary feature on The Haiku Foundation’s Troutswirl blog. Here is the poem:

a slight shake of bells
as the harness comes off
night snow

which was originally published in The Heron’s Nest and is also included in my collection The Deep End of the Sky.

Modje Marvast, Marion Clarke, Lorin Ford, Alan Summers, and Rose Ades wrote the commentaries, and I am pleased with all of them. It’s nice to read some reader reactions to one of my poems since I don’t get that very often. It is well worth your time to read all of the commentaries, but I’d like to quote a paragraph from the winning commentary by Rose Ades:

“I found energy in the harness coming off that liberated my senses, memory and imagination, and brought me back to the bare-rumped physicality of horses. And space at the line break, to shift indoors, to thaw out from the wind and the cold to smell the hay and the stable, perhaps a wood fire, hot food, a place to rest, reflect and give thanks. A sense that all was for now well confirmed by the revelatory stillness and quiet of the final line ‘night snow’. On this night we are safe and we will sleep as the snow covers yesterday’s tracks.”

Thank you to Lynn Edge for selecting this poem for commentary, to all those who wrote commentaries, and to The Haiku Foundation.