Guest Poet in Upstate Dim Sum

upstate-dim-sum-2016-ii-coverI am delighted to announce that I am the guest poet for Route 9 Haiku Group’s fall issue of Upstate Dim Sum. I have six haiku spread over the anthology’s center pages, and haiga artist Ion Codrescu of Romania has turned one of my haiku into a beautiful haiga painting for the anthology as well.

The Route 9 Haiku Group is a powerhouse in the haiku community, made up of four leading English-language haiku poets: Hilary Tann, John Stevenson, Tom Clausen, and Yu Chang. It is an honor to be invited. The work of its four members as well as their previous guest poets have inspired my own in some way.

Many thanks to the members of the Route 9 Haiku Group for this opportunity.

My haiku bucket list is a little shorter today.


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