Haiku Published in Hedgerow #100


hedgerow #100, edited by Caroline Skanne. Cover photo and design by Caroline Skanne.

The 100th issue of hedgerow: a journal of small poems is out today, and I am pleased to have three haiku among the 100 pieces of writing and art. The journal’s editor, Caroline Skanne, has also made this issue available in print from Wildflower Poetry Press, and it is also available at Amazon.

I’ve been stretching out a bit this year, publishing in a number of journals I’ve never published in before. hedgerow is one of them. I had three haiku published last week in issue #99, and now three more in issue #100. It’s a great journal, one I look forward to reading every Friday when a new issue comes out. Many thanks to Caroline Skanne for publishing my work. Here are two out of the three in issue #100:

Ghost Dance
the white horse
casts a shadow

my son trying
to sound it out . . .
evening snowfall

Chad Lee Robinson, hedgerow: a journal of small poems #100 (2016)


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