Naad Anunaad

naad-anunaad-coverNaad Anunaad: An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku (Vishwakarma Publications, 2016), is edited by Kala Ramesh, Sanjuktaa Asopa and Shloka Shankar. It contains 746 haiku by 231 authors from 26 countries.

Putting together an anthology of world haiku would be an epic undertaking, so it should come as no surprise that many such anthologies have an angle to keep the workload from becoming too overwhelming. In the case of Naad Anunaad, the editors simply wanted an anthology of haiku available to the people of India. According to the editor’s introduction, “[t]his anthology began as […] a dream project that entailed publishing in India an anthology of contemporary haiku from around the world, and making it affordable for anyone wanting to know more about haiku in my country. Haikai is blooming here and schools and colleges are beginning to show an interest in this season-based poetic form.”

One way this anthology is different from other world haiku anthologies is that it includes many more haiku poets from India, which makes sense since this anthology’s focus is to further the development of haiku in India. Many of the poets from India in Naad Anunaad are new to me. But based on what I read, the haiku coming out of India are as strong as anywhere else in the world.

As for the rest of the world, there are a great many other countries and styles of haiku represented. My selection of 8 poems, for example, include mostly three-liners but also one-liners and even a vertical haiku. Here is one of my one-liners in the anthology:

kick by kick the stone’s shadow evolving

I’ve only read through it once so far, but there’s much to like about Naad Anunaad, and I expect to return to it again.

Many thanks to the editors for including some of my work!


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