Haiku in the Workplace

Jim Kacian’s weekly column Haiku in the Workplace continues over at The Haiku Foundation. I am delighted to have a brand new haiku included in this week’s column which is all about the boss’s spouse. Here is my contribution:

to hear the hired hand
talk about horses . . .
the boss’s wife

Many thanks to Jim Kacian for including my poem. If you’re looking for a fun and interesting read, check out this column every Wednesday at The Haiku Foundation.

New Work Published in The Heron’s Nest

The March issue of The Heron’s Nest has been released, and I’m happy to have two haiku included, one on page 6 and another on page 7. Many thanks to Fay Aoyagi and the rest of the editorial team. Here is one of my two contributions:

a bison stretches its neck . . .
the patter of frost
falling from a pine

haiku by Chad Lee Robinson, The Heron’s Nest Volume XIX, Number1: March 2017