Haiku Published in The Heron’s Nest

I am pleased to be a part of another issue of The Heron’s Nest with two new haiku. Click the link to read mine on pages 8 and 10. Here is one of my two:

prairie storm
the darkness disperses
as buffalo

Thank you to Fay Aoyagi and the rest of the editorial team for selecting my poems!


Haiku Accepted for Akitsu Quarterly

I am pleased to announce that I will have three new haiku published in the fall issue of Akitsu Quarterly. Many thanks to Robin White for the acceptances.

Also, look for more of my haiku in the September issue of The Heron’s Nest, and in the next issue of hedgerow (#120, a print issue).

The Heron’s Nest and Other Forthcoming Work

It’s always a good day when you have new work accepted for publication in The Heron’s Nest. I will have two new haiku published in the September issue. Many thanks to the editors for selecting my work.

I also have new work forthcoming in the following places: Frogpond (two haiku), hedgerow (one haiku, one tanka), and Jim Kacian’s Haiku in the Workplace column (one haiku). Many thanks to all the editors!

New Work Published in Shamrock

The new issue of Shamrock, #37, is available to read, and I’m delighted to have four new haiku included. It’s been quite a while since my last appearance in Shamrock, so it’s nice to have some new poems published there. Many thanks to editor Anatoly Kudryavitsky. Here are two out of the four:

snowy field
the dog retrieves
a goose’s silence

raging blizzard–
looking out to see
horses looking out

Haiku in the Workplace and Recent Acceptances

I am pleased to announce that I have had another haiku published in Jim Kacian’s Haiku in the Workplace column just today. The theme this time around is “the first day at the new job.” With thanks to Jim, here is my offering:

first day at the new job–
a rubber spider
in the desk drawer

Recent acceptances include haiku and tanka that will appear in three separate issues of hedgerow: a journal of small poems. Many thanks to Caroline Skanne!